The Dubuque Old House Enthusiasts is re-evaluating their grant program, and it is dormant at this time. Check back in January 2016 for more details. The Dubuque Old House Enthusiasts is a non-profit organization, promoting historic preservation, conservation, education and awareness.

OHE’s Tour: Each year the group sponsors the Annual Old House Enthusiasts Tour, to provide community members and visitors the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate a sample of Dubuque's historic treasures, as well as to promote interest in their preservation. The tour serves as a fundraiser for area historic places, and educational materials supported through this grant program.

                        Past grants have included:
                        • Grand Opera House and Theater Restoration
                        • Shot Tower Restoration & Community Education
                        • St. Raphael Cathedral Area Beautification Plan
                        • Carnegie-Stout Public Library Restoration
                        • The White House at Four Mounds
                        • Ham House Museum
                        • Old Jail Museum
                        • A City at Work: 1912 & 2012
                        • Mount Pleasant Home Entrance Restoration
                        • Digitization of the City Directories of Dubuque​

Eligibility Requirements:

This funding opportunity is open to governmental units, schools (K-12 and collegiate), and Dubuque area non-profits with 501(c)(3) designations. Projects must be either related to education or historic preservation.

Definition of Historic Preservation:

​Historic preservation is the practice of protecting and preserving sites, structures and/or districts, which reflect elements of local and/or national cultural, social, economic, political, archaeological and/or architectural history.

Historic Preservation Programs:

  ​ • Historic preservation efforts must conform to city and federal guidelines for the structure (i.e., if the structure is in a preservation district or a locally designated landmark, work must be approved by the City of Dubuque Historic Preservation Commission; if the structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, work must comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation)
  ​ • Consultant fees (i.e., architect, structural engineer, restoration expert, etc.) are acceptable.

​Education Programs:

    • Educational programs, exhibits or signage must be preservation related.
    • Planning, hosting, or speaker fee for an educational seminar are acceptable.
    • Development of educational libraries related to relevant history and historic preservation.
    • The program must be designed to provide awareness of historic preservation in Dubuque.


​The grant project should be located within the city limits of Dubuque, Iowa. The Board reserves the right to fund a project that falls outside of those limits, under their discretion. Email for more information.

                        This grant funding cannot be used for:
                        • Food
                        • Travel expenses or seminars
                        • Operating expenses (staff, rent or lease payments, utilities)
                        • Capital campaigns
                        • Endowment funds
                        • Political causes, candidates, and lobbying efforts
                        • Individuals, including scholarships and personal benefits
                        • Project expenses incurred prior to grant award notification

Applicants who have received funding in the previous grant season are not eligible to apply in the current grant year.

         Contact Information:
​For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Chris Happ Olson at, or call 563-543-3557.