The Dubuque Old House Enthusiasts is re-evaluating their grant program and it is dormant at this time. Check back in January 2016 for more details. The Dubuque Old House Enthusiasts is a charitable organization promoting historic preservation, conservation, education and awareness.

OHE’s Tour: Each year the group sponsors the Annual Old House Enthusiasts Tour to allow community members and visitors the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate a sample of Dubuque's historic treasures, as well as to promote interest in their preservation. The tour serves as a fundraiser for area historic places and educational materials supported through this grant program.

                        Past grants have included:
                        • Grand Opera House and Theater restoration
                        • Shot Tower restoration & community education
                        • St Raphael Cathedral area beautification plan
                        • Carnegie-Stout Public Library Restoration
                        • The White House at Four Mounds
                        • Ham House Museum
                        • Old Jail Museum
                        • A City at Work: 1912 & 2012
                        • Mount Pleasant Home entrance restoration
                        • Digitization of the city directories of Dubuque​

Eligibility Requirements:

This funding opportunity is open to governmental units, schools (K-12 and collegiate), and Dubuque area nonprofits with 501(c)(3) designations. Projects must be either related to education or historic preservation.

Definition of Historic Preservation:

​Historic preservation is the practice of protecting and preserving sites, structures or districts which reflect elements of local or national cultural, social, economic, political, archaeological or architectural history.

Historic Preservation Programs:

  ​ • Historic preservation efforts must conform to city and federal guidelines for the structure (i.e., if the structure is in a preservation district or a locally designated landmark, work must be approved by the City of Dubuque Historic Preservation Commission; if the structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, work must comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation)
  ​ • Consultant fees (i.e., architect, structural engineer, restoration expert, etc.) are acceptable.

​Education Programs:

    • Educational programs, exhibits or signage must be preservation related.
    • Planning, hosting, or speaker fee for an educational seminar are acceptable.
    • Development of educational libraries related to relevant history and historic          preservation.
    • The program must be designed to provide awareness of historic preservation in Dubuque.


​The grant project should be located within the city limits of Dubuque, Iowa. The Board reserves the right to fund a project that falls outside of those limits under their discretion. Email for more information.

                        This grant funding cannot be used for:
                        • Food
                        • Travel expenses or seminars
                        • Operating expenses (staff, rent or lease payments, utilities)
                        • Capital campaigns
                        • Endowment funds
                        • Political causes, candidates, and lobbying efforts
                        • Individuals, including scholarships and personal benefits
                        • Project expenses incurred prior to grant award notification

Applicants who have received funding in the previous grant season are not eligible to apply in the current grant year.

         Contact Information:
​For more information or if you have questions, please contact Chris Happ Olson at or call 563-543-3557.