Eagle Point Park

A Refreshing Winter's Walk
By: Dick Vorwald

Beginning at Eagle Point Park's north gate and making your way toward the Gateway Pavilion, this short winter walk will prove refreshing to mind, body, and spirit. World class natural and man-made scenery greet the eye. Among the most astounding: views of the Mississippi River and Eagle Point Park creations of architect Alfred Calwell, including Lily Pond, council circles, and various buildings of unique design.

Veteran OHE Club members may recall our 2005 meeting held at the Gateway Pavilion. Here, local architect Steve Ulstad described the 1930s depression era construction of Eagle Point Park. Caldwell, a student of renowned architects Jens Jensen and Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the park using the same Prairie theme of his mentors. Wood and limestone structures that "satisfy a basic need for people to be in touch with nature" give the Park its architectural appeal.

In 1999, Eagle Point Park was recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects as a national landmark. Further information about Caldwell can be found at: