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Ceiling at the Ham House
Bluff Street
195 W. 17th Street
1125 Highland
1433 Main
St. Mary's Church
Dubuque Brewing & Malting Co.
White House ar Four Mounds
Dubuque Female Seminary
Main St.
Madison Park Steps
Mathias Ham House
Old Dubuque Jail
St. Mary's Church
Voices Building
Novelty Iron Works
2537 Windsor Avenue
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Welcome to the Dubuque Old House Enthusiasts!

        The Dubuque Old House Enthusiasts are a charitable organization promoting historic preservation, conservation, education and awareness.  Thank you for visiting our site!
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May 16th Celebrate Steeple Square Event Garners Large Turn Out
The Dubuque Old House Enthusiasts would like to thank St. Mary's parishioners and Old House Enthusiasts for attending and participating in the successful event for re branding the decommissioned church. Here's to the next chapter for one of Dubuque's finest landmarks.
Upcoming Meetings:

Monday, 06/01 @ 6 pm - Board Meeting, Phyllis Lee's Home
This meeting is open to any who are interested

Thursday, 06/11 @ 6:30 pm - General Meeting, Jeff Stile's Home/Carriage House, 3087 Central Ave